Welcome to Artside!

Wood sculpture and woven vessel by Jerry and Joanna

One of the breathtaking carved and woven vessels created by Jerry Haggerty and Joanne Grossman

Artside is a web site focusing on the artwork of Maine artist Jerry Haggerty. Here we will showcase the beautifully handcrafted, one-of-a-kind woodwork, sculpture and functional art created by Mr. Haggerty. His artwork runs from the surprising—the intricately woven vessels which are currently being featured, to the truly sublime—his breathtaking Turtle Top Cigar Humidor. Pieces will be added to the space as they evolve. It may come to pass that the work of other artists will also appear in this space.

We welcome, and encourage, your comments on this work in progress. Please e-mail jerry@artside.com with any thoughts or suggestions.

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