The Artist


Artist Jerry Haggerty as a child, with his sister Dorothy and the fower arrangement that won him first prize

Jerry Haggerty, 9, 30th Annual Tulip Show, Takoma Horticultural Club, first-place winner in the children’s class with his sister Dorothy, 11.

Every couple of years I look up the word Art in the dictionary in an attempt to comprehend exactly what its meaning is. I think it has something to do with life. If ever the difference between the concept of Judy Chicago’s pyrotechnics on a bridge with fireworks and Timothy McVey’s concussion bomb on a building becomes clear to me perhaps then I will understand the meaning of the word art.

Anyway, I make things. I have made things all my life but I make them better now or at least I’m young enough to think I do.

For the last four or five years I have been concerned with the ancient human endeavor of making vessels. Things to keep your Stuff in. Things in which to keep yourself. Now at the end of the twentieth century, with Things changing faster than ever before in our history, I doubt if the definition will ever catch up with the word Art.

Jerry Haggerty

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